UPDATE: Both boys have been found and are safe, according to a Facebook post by Shane Graffia.

Two families are asking for the public's assistance in locating their sons who have been missing since Thursday, Dec. 13. Landon Dickinson of Lakeland and Garrett Graffia of Maringouin left home early Friday morning or Thursday night along with others and have not been located since. 

Their last known location was near the Motel 6 in Port Allen at approximately 1:00 AM Friday morning. 

Garrett Graffia's father, Shane Graffia, said in a Facebook post the family has reason to believe that the two are possibly in danger based on new information we gathered today. 

The families are asking anyone with information to contact Detective Shane Graffia at 225-259-0171 or the Pointe Coupee Parish Sheriffs Office at 225-694-9014.

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So they were thought to be in danger but now have been found safe. I know one of the boys Dad works for the sheriffs office and his bother is a state trooper. Seems like there’s a lot of of information being withheld. I believe the public who has worried and put efforts in finding these boys deserve at least an explanation


The other people who they were with.....they cant say where the boys are or are they also missing? Didn’t see any names listed as to who the boys were last seen with.

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