Volunteer Elizabeth Fudge hugged an adoptable pitbull named Sweet Potato.

Jordan's Way, a non-profit raising money for animal shelters, selected the West Baton Rouge Parish Shelter as a stop in their nationwide shelter tour.

Founder Kris Rotonda will live stream from 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 19 from the shelter while completing viral challenges and showcasing pets up for adoption.

Jordan’s Way and Rotonda went viral last year after Rotonda slept in an animal shelter for 72 hours to see what it was like. Rotonda and the organization’s newfound popularity inspired a nationwide awareness and fundraising tour, with Rotonda visiting at least three shelters in all 50 states.

“The number one problem with shelters is exposure when it comes to the animals,” Rotonda said. “Most shelters are so overpopulated that they don’t have the bandwidth to promote every animal online.”

The campaign has successfully raised over $100,000 and facilitated over 600 adoptions from shelters around the country so far. Louisiana is Rotonda’s 8th stop in the tour. His stops in the state so far have been at the North Shore Humane Society and the West Feliciana Humane Society.

Supporters are asked to tune in online at either the Facebook pages for Jordan’s Way or the Rescue Me Animal Welfare Society rather than in person due to COVID precautions.

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