Funds for LA 1 connector moving forward


West Baton Rouge officials and organizations are urging West Side community leaders to take action in supporting House Bill 578.

The bill, co-authored by Rep. Tanner Magee, who represents District 53, and Sen. Rick Ward, III, of Port Allen, provides the funds necessary for the La. 415 Bridge.

The bill dedicates economic development proceeds from the Deepwater Horizon Economic Damages Collection Fund to the planning and construction of the La. 415 Bridge and other infrastructure projects.

The House Appropriations Committee will hear the bill on Tuesday, April 20 during a meeting beginning at 9 a.m.

Parish President Riley "PeeWee" Berthelot and the West Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce have called on community leaders to contact members o the House of Appropriations Committee or attend the meeting by "putting in a green card."

"I'm hearing positive things, that it's got a good chance of making it out of committee," Berthelot told the Parish Council during the Thursday, April 25 Council meeting.

The La. 1/415 connector is a near “shovel-ready” infrastructure project because of work by the Parish, which has provided for the La. 415 corridor study, and more recently the topography survey.

"The West Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce recognizes the dire need to secure this critical funding for the long-planned La. 415 / La. 1 connector, which would bypass the congested La. 1 and provide another access point to Interstate 10 and the Mississippi River Bridge," reads a statement from the West Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce.

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