Wes Watts with Region II Superintendent of the Year award

Superintendent Wes Watts hold the Region II Superintendent of the Year award. 

The Louisiana Association of School Superintendents (LASS) named West Baton Rouge Parish Superintendent Wes Watts the Region II Superintendent of the Year on Dec. 17, 2020. Watts was selected from a group of ten finalists in Region II for the award. He currently serves as the president of the LASS.

“Having an outstanding team at our Central Office and at each school has allowed me to serve as a LASS Officer,” Watts said.

2020 marked Watts’s sixth year as Superintendent of the West Baton Rouge School Board and his 28th year in education.

Watts visited the State Legislature along with several other representatives of the Superintendents’ Association in October to discuss HB 83, which sought to regulate the authority of a school in children’s homes during virtual schooling. Watts also spoke to state officials in November, urging them to loosen quarantine restrictions for students, which were keeping children from attending in-person classes. Watts joined superintendents from Ascension, Rapides, and Livingston parishes in objecting to the rules, saying they were overly restrictive and keeping many healthy students from attending school.

“Some of the work legislatively that I’ve had to head up played a part in it,” Watts said. “I feel like we’ve taken the Superintendent’s Association in a positive direction.”

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