Wes Watts

Wes Watts.

 Most individual accolades are a product of people who have great support around them, and West Baton Rouge Parish Wes Watts said he believes that is the case for him.

Watts was recently named the 2022 Louisiana Superintendent of the Year and he couldn’t give enough thanks to everyone in the school district who has contributed to parish’s success.

“I knew I had been nominated but I know a lot of men and a lot of women who are doing great work,” Watts said. “This award is just a reflection of the work the people in the parish have done and continue to do.”

The last two school years have been up and down for many school districts and flexibility and embracing change have been two areas, among many where West Baton Rouge Parish has shined, according to the superintendent.

“The people in this parish, the folks on the campuses have embraced it,” he said. “It was tough. “In July of 2020 we met with every faculty member. We told them we’d use common sense and we’ll be flexible to change. We had to be ready for adjustments and they were. We created a virtual academy. We had to do a hybrid schedule. Our whole deal was let’s figure it out. We knew it was going to be difficult. We continued to figure it out as we go.”

Port Allen High School Principal James Jackson said Watts’ award shines a light on the good things the school district is doing.

“Congratulations to Mr. Watts,” he said. “Such a prestigious award will keep the spotlight on all of the great work being done by the educators in West Baton Rouge Parish. We have an excellent school system.”

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