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Michael Horton, 32, 12129 Cimmaron Dr, Baton Rouge, LA, parole violation

Kendell Snearl, 38, 2737 Babytown Lane, Brusly, LA, bench warrant

Derrick Lacoste, 22, 2121 N. Lobdell Blvd Apt 605, Baton Rouge, LA, stop sign violation, flight from an officer, driving under suspension, fake MVI, obstruction of justice

Jared Collins, 19, 20888 Doughty Dr Apt 129, B-ton Rouge, LA, threatening a public official

Chelsea Quin, 26, 6937 Hwy 190 West, Port Allen, LA, bench warrant Nicole Collins, 45, 2060 S. Flynn Rd, Baton Rouge, LA, theft

Floyd Johnson Jr., 34, 2737 Babytown Lane, Brusly, LA, simple battery, bench warrant

Justin Harmon, 29, 11760 Doyles Lane, Port Allen, LA, bench warrant

Jordan Dupont, 37, 1621 Stonegate Ct, Baton Rouge, LA, DWI misdemeanor offense, failure to maintain control, fake MVI, driving under suspension

Aniyah Carr, 29, 5151 Highland Rd, Baton Rouge, LA, theft

Brendon Jackson, 19, 5852 Adams Ave, Baton Rouge, LA, theft

Brandon Whaley, 34, 1315 Maryland Ave, Port Allen, LA, negligent injuring

Terron Jackson, 29, 429 Gwin St, Brusly, LA, bench warrant

Nicole Martin, 29, 7546 Kim Dr, Addis, LA, bench warrant

Christopher Doughty, 25, 26547 Parkwood Dr, Denham Springs, LA, bench warrant

Roderick Provo, 31, 53970 Ella Rd, Plaquemine, LA, flight from an officer, reckless operation, no driver’s license, stop sign violation 7cts

Jason Williams, 37, 58849 Annex St, Plaquemine, LA, DWI misdemeanor offense

Darius Ellis, 30, 1120 Spanish Town Rd, Baton Rouge, LA, aggravated assault, carrying a firearm on school property

Roosevelt Dunn, 52, 3090 Lafiton Lane, Port Allen, LA, bench warrant

Lori Gaudet, 49, 6312 Pelican Crossing Dr, Gonzales, LA, bench warrant

Breanna McBride, 25, 13605 Devall Rd, Baton Rouge, LA, fugitive from EBRSO

Ernesto Cruz, 34, 226 Ship Dr, Baton Rouge, LA, DWI 1st offense, improper lane usage, open container, driving under suspension

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