The doldrums of summer conditioning drills may seem tedious and redundant to football players, but it does not mean the coaches cannot gauge the progress of the team.

For Don Gibson, the summer workouts have given him reasons for enthusiasm as the season draws closer. 

The physical conditioning has improved through repetition, but it’s the attitude that fuels most of his enthusiasm. 

“What has impressed me most this summer is the commitment and dedication to getting this program going the right direction,” said Gibson, who enters his third year at the helm of the program. 

It’s not the individual efforts that stand out. The improvement has become evident overall from seniors down to incoming freshman.

Work ethic has played the biggest part in the equation.

“I’m satisfied with the attitude from all the players and their commitment to working hard throughout the summer,” Gibson said. “They know what it will take to improve the program, and they’ve shown that level of dedication consistently.”

The investment during the summer could bring a nice payoff to the Pelicans at the end of the season – or at least it’s the goal of the program.

Higher standards have come into play with the program through a strong showing in the spring scrimmage, and they have remained intact.

“We’re putting our selves in a position to be successful,” Gibson said. “We’re aiming for the district championship, and we’re working hard for that and will work to go beyond that once we achieve that goal.”

The Pelicans start preseason drills Aug. 12. 

They face their first test Aug.22 when they host Loranger in a preseason scrimmage. 

Port Allen will travel for jamboree action this year when the Pelicans tangle with Assumption in the St. James Jamboree on Thursday, Aug. 29.


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