Fall isn’t the only time for football

Photo by Joelle Wright.

Brusly’s spring game

Joelle Wright


Last season, Brusly High head football coach Hoff Schooler hadn’t been named the new coach of the Panthers, so he didn’t get to meet with his team for the first time until after the spring “season” ended.

This year, Schooler is ready to jump into the spring football season and have his team from the get-go.

“Without having a spring practice, all the fundamentals and details within the technique of each position becomes tough to teach because of the time restraints in the season,” Schooler said.  “It’s important for us as coaches to start with the basics of playing football and build upon that as we move forward in the summer and fall.”

The idea of the spring football season is not to necessarily work on plays for the upcoming fall season but to focus on the basics for each position before actually working on game day plays.

“Spring football is important for us to get an opportunity to work with returning players more on fundamentals than game plan type things,”  Schooler said. “It is important for us to develop in the spring as a springboard going into the summer.”

Schooler is hoping for a fresh start with his team that went 4-6 last season and looks for next season’s team to be mentally as well as physically tough, both of which begin to be learned in the spring.

“Part of spring is learning to deal with adversity and give a max effort on every play,” Schooler said.  “I would expect us to all out on every snap both mentally and physically.”

Once spring is over, summer workouts begin. When school lets out for the year, Schooler and his staff continue preparing for the upcoming season.

“There are always things that we pick up during the offseason from visiting with other coaches at clinics and site visits,” School added.  “Some of those things we will incorporate if it fits within our schemes and what we want to accomplish.”

The Panthers will culminate their spring practice with a scrimmage against Albany High School on May 11, at 6:30 p.m. at the Brusly High football stadium.

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