The Iberville Parish Public Schools System recently appointed Tait Dupont as its new athletic director for the parish.

Tait Dupont has spent most of his career coaching baseball and football, but he now has the task of overseeing more than what’s on the field or court.

The Iberville Parish Public Schools System recently appointed Dupont as its new athletic director for the parish.

He takes on the job amid a flurry of projects, including the construction of a baseball/softball complex at Plaquemine High, a new gymnasium for White Castle High School, and a fieldhouse for East Iberville High School.

“There’s a lot going at those schools, and then you have the reopening of North Iberville High School, which has a two-year period as junior varsity athletics,” said Dupont, 52. “They started those programs this year, so we’re going to have to be looking ahead once they move into varsity level.”

He also oversees programs at the elementary and middle schools, which feed into the high school level.

“I’ll be working with those coaches as well to make sure the feeder programs are doing what they’re supposed to do for the high schools,” Dupont said. “I have to hit the ground running here.”

He does not have final authority on the hiring and firing of coaches. That position still rests on the shoulders of the principals in the respective schools, he said.

Dupont said he makes recommendations and advises principals as they work toward a decision.

“My job is to assist and guide them, and the same goes for the athletic directors,” he said.

One of the first items on the agenda will involve the hiring of a football coach to replace Drey Troxclair at Plaquemine High School, who recently stepped down to accept a position in his native Thibodaux.

While Dupont has landed a new title, he had to relinquish another.

Upon taking the A.D. job, he resigned as head baseball coach for the program at Plaquemine High. He tallied 430 wins during his career, which has also included stints at Brusly, North Iberville, and St. John.

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