Six months removed from the end of the 2018 football season, the Brusly Panthers are back to work in preparation for Friday’s spring game.

Brusly will take on the Albany Hornets for the exhibition matchup Friday at 6 p.m. at Albany High School.

The Panthers began spring work earlier this month with three days the first, followed by a rain-filled second week that allowed only one day of practice.

“We want to get better at the basics and focus on the fundamentals,” said Brusly head coach Hoff Schooler. “It’s about getting reps and putting stuff on film.”

He said Friday’s scrimmage is an avenue to see some of his players get experience in game-like situations.

“We want to see guys line up correctly,” he said. “We’re looking for effort and attitude. A lot of effort with a positive attitude.”

Brusly lost over 10 seniors from last year’s team that made it to the playoffs before losing to eventual state champion Eunice. Despite returning players in some positions, Schooler said there is an open competition at every position.

“Twenty-two positions are always up for grabs,” he said. “Nobody is guaranteed a spot. We do have guys who are more experienced that are expected to fill some of those roles.”

The Panthers will look to replace a void on the offensive line left by three graduating seniors. The offensive line was a consistent force all last season for the Panthers, allowing the team to rush for 2,455 yards with 34 touchdowns.

Entering his third year as the head man at Brusly, Schooler said he notices a difference in his team at this point of the year compared to last year.

“The guys know the expectations that we have now,” he said. “They don’t meet the expectations all the time, but they’re getting there. They know whether they’ve reached expectations or not. We just want to see if everything we’ve been doing mentally and physically will translate to the field.”


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