The Brusly Lady Panther track program’s Class 3A state title win in 2017 only left the coach ready for another one, and they got a good start on that quest last week.

BHS nudged out Port Allen in a fierce battle last week at the annual Westside Relays at Guy Otwell Stadium, on the campus of Port Allen High School.

The Lady Panthers and Lady Pelicans put forth a dazzling effort that ended with a 137-point finish for BHS and 113 for PAHS. Dunham placed third (76), followed by Northeast (71), Central (48), Catholic-Pointe Coupee (33), Avoyelles (30) and Thrive Academy (10).

Brusly claimed the top spot with wins in four running events and three field categories. PAHS got most of its mileage off with the top spot in three field competitions and one relay victory.

“Our goal is to bring a full bus to the state meet,” Brusly coach Trent Ellis said. “Right now, we’re trying to fine-tune some relays because right now, it’s all about the end of the year work for regional and state.”

Ta’La Spates led the pack for Brusly in the 200-meter run (24.53), while Mackenzie Jenkins topped the competition in the 400 (1:01.00) and Leah Dupre took first in the 100-meter hurdles (17:00).

The tandem of Myla Edwards, Megan Williams, Dupre and Chantell Betz notched first in the 4-by-100 meter relay.

In field events, Hannah Pedigo had a 10-0 height for first in the pole vault event, while Jayshyree Bell leaped 14-0 for the top prize in the long jump and Edwards got the blue ribbon for her 35-03.25 showing in the triple jump.

Port Allen continued its strong showing in field events when Emily Nichols aced the discus competition (121-09) and Tiara Jones led in the Javelin (92-05).

The Lady Pelicans took first in the 4x200-meter relays off the showing by Jasmine Butler, Tremecia Moore, Alyssa Miller and Christy Wicker. PAHS took second in the 4x100 with Moore, Miller, Wicker and Raven Murphy.

“Brusly has a great team and we had a lot of outstanding competitors across the board, but we should do very well in district,” Port Allen coach Brian Bizette said. “Episcopal will be very hard to beat, but we should qualify for state

“At this point, it’s not about the numbers – instead, it’s quality over quantity,” he said. “That’s what we’re working on for regional and state.”


Team Scores: 1. Brusly, 137. 2. Port Allen, 113. 3. Dunham, 76. 4. Northeast, 71. 5. Central, 48. 6. Catholic-Pointe Coupee, 33. 7. Avoyelles, 30. 8. Thrive Academy, 10.

Track events

100: 1. Dyamond Cowen, Northeast, 12.64. 2. Troyanna Pichon, Catholic Pointe Coupee, 12.91. 3. Erica Green, Northeast, 13.20

200: 1. Ta’la Spates, Brusly, 24.53. 2. Megan Williams, Brusly, 25.93. 3. Dyamond Cowen, Northeast, 26.75

400: 1. Mackenzie Jenkins, Brusly, 1:01.00. 2. Taylor Dotson, Port Allen, 1:03.00. 3. Jhikeria Brown, Northeast, 1:07.00

800: 1. Riley Ries, Dunham, 2:39.78. 2. Traneicia Duncan, Brusly, 2:47.74. 3. Aniyah Lagarde, Brusly, 2:53.59

1600: 1. Jenna Smith, Catholic Pointe Coupee, 6:23.00. 2. Lilly Fagan, Dunham, 6:25.00. 3. Molly Coast, Dunham, 6:32.00

3200: 1. Lilly Fagan, Dunham, 14:10.35

100 Hurdles: 1. Leah Dupre, Brusly, 17.00. 2. Corrine Heyl, Central Baton Rouge, 17.10. 3. Alayah Gedward, Brusly, 18.00

300 Hurdles: 1. Sophie Moreaux, Dunham, 47.83. 2. Alayah Gedward, Brusly, 51.10. 3. Nicole Trower, Avoyelles, 51.44

4x100 relay: 1. Brusly, 49.63. (Myla Edwards, Megan Williams, Leah Dupree and Chantell Betz ) 2. Port Allen, 50.78. 3. Northeast, 52.08

4x200 relay: 1. Port Allen, 1:49.00. 2. Northeast, 1:51.00. 3. Avoyelles, 1:53.00

4x400 relay: 1. Port Allen, 4:31.09. 2. Central, 4:36.66. 3. Northeast, 4:37.78

Field events

High Jump: 1. Destiny Turner, Northeast, 4-6. 2. Makaila Grevenberg, Northeast, 4-4. 3. Derneisha Johnson, Brusly, 4-4

Pole Vault: 1. Hannah Pedigo, Brusly, 10-0. 2. Hannah Erikson, Dunham, 6-0. 3. Raven Murphy, Port Allen, 5-6

Long Jump: 1. Jashyree Bell, Brusly, 14-0. 2. Keona Jones, Avoyelles, 13-4.75. 3. Raven Murphy, Port Allen, 13-4.50

Triple Jump: 1. Myla Edwards, Brusly, 35-03.25. 2. Allyssa Miller, Port Allen, 30-04.75. 3. Alayah Gedward, Brusly, 29-09.0

Shot Put: 1. Emily Nichols, Port Allen, 34-11. 2. Jalen Davis, Thrive Acad. 34-7. 3. Rickia Lenoir, Port Allen, 34-5.50

Discus: 1. Emily Nichols, Port Allen, 121-09. 2. Olivia Beauvais, Catholic-PC, 92-4. 3. Rickia Lenoir, Port Allen, 80-2.

Javelin: 1. Tiara Jones, Port Allen, 92-05. 2. Michaela Fennell, Dunham, 89-04. 3. Karla Kimber, Port Allen, 86-05.


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