Makalaya Patterson and Raven Murphy brought home Outstanding Lifter awards for Port Allen at the recent Woodlawn High School powerlifting meet.

After eight state titles in girls powerlifting, Port Allen head coach Brian Bizette has figured the elements that make a championship team.

Based on what he saw in the team’s recent meet at Woodlawn High School, this year’s Lady Pelican squad has what it takes for a ninth state championship.

PAHS finished the meet with seven gold medals to capture the top spot in this year’s tournament. 

“This is one of our best meets in a while,” he said. “This was the most medals we’ve won in a long time, and we’re doing that when we’re as young as we’ve ever been.”

The Lady Pelicans claimed both awards for the outstanding lifter. Senior Makayla Patterson garnered the trophy for the super-heavyweight division, while Raven Murphy won the honor in the lightweight division.

Patterson took the honor after she lifted a total of 825 lbs. on three lifts – bench press, squat and clean.  

Murphy – who also plays volleyball and runs track – won the honor after the posted a 625-lb. total on three lifts in the 123-lb. weight class. 

“Raven is only in her first year and she’s having an amazing showing for a lifter,” Bizette said. “It usually takes two years before they excel, but she’s far ahead.”  

Other first-place finishers included Sulma Cumajo with a total of 515 lbs. in the 105-lb. class; Trinity Harrison, with a total of 545 lbs. in the 114-lb. weight class; Alexis Alford, with a total of 725 lbs. in the 148-lb. weight class; Destiny Winfield, with a total of 785 in the 181-lb. weight class and Gabrionna Foster, with an 850-lb. total in the 220-plus weight class. 

Second-place finishers included Summer Frank, with an 850-lb. total in the 220 weight class, and Kaya Ross, with an 800-lb. total in the 220 division.

Among those in third place included Ta’Janae Christopher, with a 510-lb. total in the 123 division, Brailyn Amond, with a 660-lb. total in the 165 weight class, Nevah Ibe, with 740 lbs. in the 220 bracket and Kierra Talley, with 695 lbs. in the 220 division.

PAHS returns to Woodlawn High School on Feb. 28 for the LHSAA East Regionals. The state championship tournament is set for March 20 at UL-Monroe.


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