Shortly after the LHSAA executive committee approved a definitive start date, more good news arrived for prep football players and discussions.

The executive committee unanimously approved a plan last week to advance with football contact drills and its season, regardless of what reopening phase the state was in.

In addition, the group approved moving up the start of the football season to Oct. 1-3 instead of the previous start window of Oct. 8-10.

“We got some good news,” said Brusly football coach Hoff Schooler. “We get to start Oct. 2 and we keep the 32-team playoffs. I’m really happy with what the LHSAA came up with. It’s great news for us and especially the players.”

Teams began contact practices late last week and can scrimmage at the end of the month. Brusly is scheduled to face Dunham in scrimmage action Sept. 24 at 5:30 p.m. at Dunham.

Schooler said the prolonged offseason changed preparation, but they are working towards getting back to normal practices.

“We were so far out from the start of the season we had to do more managing with their health and conditioning,” he said. “Now we’re more in the typical preseason situation.”

In other news, the LHSAA's select schools approved the invitation to return to the LHSAA's championship events for 2020-21 because of the pandemic. The executive committee approved the return of select schools to its events for 2020-21, noting that a vote to reunite the select/nonselect finals beyond 2020-21 would be voted on in January.

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