Chris Murphy PAHS

Chris Murphy holds his All-State certificate. 

Christopher Murphy wants to make his senior year the best for his track career.

He got a huge start in that direction on Sunday.

Murphy captured the championship spot in the long jump and placed third in the triple jump at the Louisiana High School Athletic Association State Indoor Meet at LSU’s Carl Maddox Fieldhouse.

He had leap of 6.90 in the long jump and measured 12.75 in the triple jump.

Murphy is no stranger to success. In 2018, he broke a record in the long jump set by his father, Chris Murphy.

“I’ve just had good coaches along the way, and I’ve been taught to work hard,” Christopher said. 

Coach John Williams sees those qualities in Christopher.

“He’s a generational type jumper,” said Williams, who coaches alongside fellow coach Don Gibson. “He understands that he does not possess the physical tools – he’s not 6-foot-2 or a powerhouse – but he just gets it to where he can jump effortlessly.”

The work ethic makes all the difference, Williams said.

“He’ll show up first for practice and he’ll be the last to leave, and he will continue to have that work ethic,” he said.  “I’ve coached a lot of good ones, and he’s up there with the best with those who know what it takes to succeed.”

The Pelicans tied for seventh at the meet. 

“We didn’t take a lot of kids because so many were out for basketball, but we have a boys team that may have the depth and they will have very good quality,” Williams said. “This team is going to be built to where it takes quantity to win the local meets, but it takes quality to win the regional and state.”


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