2 new football coaches and a whole lotta energy could make for a big season



Quinn Welsch


I‘m a little excited.

It’s rare for me to be this excited when it comes to sports other than the Seahawks.

I’m excited for my other two favorite teams, the Pels and the Panthers.

Our two local high schools in West Baton Rouge have brand spankin’ new head football coaches in their respective programs.

I’ve met each coach, only briefly, but I can assure you that both left me feeling like a jolt of lightning just passed through me. Don Gibson, of Port Allen High, and Hoff Schooler, Brusly High, both have something seemingly electric to them.

They talk fast, they move fast and, as far as I can tell, they are excited about the future.

I am too.

I cannot wait to see what happens when the season gets in motion with these two men buzzing around the field.

Their energy, combined with the indomitable spirit of the West Side underdog, could mean good things – big things even – for West Side high school football in 2017.

Again. I’m excited.

The teams here will catch you off guard if you aren’t paying attention.

There is a sense of restlessness and hunger that emanates from both teams when they play, whether it’s on the gridiron, diamond or court. Maybe it’s some indefinable athletic quality that only the real sports junkies (unlike me) can quantify. Maybe it’s something you only understand once you’ve been part of the community long enough.

Photographing the games over the past year or so has given me some up-close perspectives of the teams at Brusly and Port Allen. I never thought I would take on the role of high school sports photographer, but I guess it was inevitable. As an outsider, it has allowed me to connect with the sports fans in the community and with the teams themselves.

Plus, it’s fun.

Two years ago, we had two new football coaches, too, Marc Brown at Brusly, and Nick Mitchell at Port Allen. The teams both had some success under each coach… but things feel different now.

Once again, we are at a new chapter for each team as the new head coaches train their young men for what looks like an uncertain season.

I’m anxious, I’m hopeful, I’m curious…

I’m just a little excited.


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