The adage “What goes around comes around” fits perfectly in high school sports.

The high school athletic season begins with football in August and ends the same way.

It was back to work for the Pelican football team, which began its spring drills last week for the 2019 football season.

Coach Don Gibson leads a team which has gained experience after two years of very young rosters, which gives him hope about the chances for the upcoming season.

“We don’t have that “young team” feel anymore, and it shows in the way we approached our first two drills,” said Gibson, who will go into his third year at the helm of the program. “The accountability and the passion on the first day were outstanding, which also applied to the second day.”

The 2019 Pelicans have something to prove after they nearly defeated Rosepine on the road in Class 2A playoff action last season.

The memories of that game have remained fresh in the minds of the Pelicans, who want to prove they can emerge victorious in the same scenario next season.

“We feel very good about next year,” Gibson said. “The players are embracing expectations and they’re looking toward victories next season.”

Incoming sophomore Jeremiah Dehon and junior Jacoby Howard will vie for the starting quarterback duties, with Dehon getting the nod during the spring drills.

Both are very capable play-callers, but Howard’s versatility could benefit the Pelicans in other areas, Gibson said.

“Jeremiah ended the season well, but Jacoby can do so many things, ranging from quarterback to slot receiver to starter on defense as a cornerback,” he said. “He’s the consummate utility player.”

The Pelicans will also face the task of filling the voids left by standouts Traveon Scott and Travonte Shepherd, both key players on offense.

“They’re tough to replace, but we have enough talent among our returning players for me to believe we can still meet expectations,” he said. “Our players want to make sure we don’t have a letdown this year.”

The Pelicans will face St. Helena in the spring game at 12:45 p.m. Saturday, May 18 at Southern University’s Mumford Stadium.


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