The Port Allen Pelicans football team continues to take positive strides in the offseason.

The team showed flashes of explosiveness in its new offense during 7-on-7 play at Zachary High School last week.

The Pelicans matched up against Zachary, Woodlawn and Central during the round robin event. It was the second straight week the Pelicans participated in that kind of event and head coach Don Gibson pointed to improvements he’s seen in just a week.

“Just to continue to build each week, that’s the biggest thing,” Gibson said. “Last week we had a good week. Today we started off a little slow, but we started picking it up once we figured out the speed. We’re so much farther along than we were last year it’s amazing. I like the things that we’re doing. We have guys doing what they’re supposed to do, making the plays in space. We have receivers going up and attacking the ball. We started creating turnovers on the defensive side.”

Port Allen is working to install a new offense following the addition of new offensive coordinator Jeffery Gibson, Don Gibson’s brother.

The Pelicans are competing in a a few more 7-on-7 events before the end of the month with the goal of fine tuning the offense and consistent improvement.

“We’re not out here to win these games,” Don Gibson said. “We’re out here to get better as a football team and I think we’re accomplishing that and in the process we might win a couple here a couple there, but we’re getting that competitive edge that we need to have a successful season.

“It gives us an opportunity to get extra reps and fine tune the things that we need to and when you can get opportunities to get your guys out here and compete against teams like Zachary, Central and Woodlawn, big 5A schools, you can’t pass that up,” he continued. “It’s an opportunity for us to continue to get better.”

The Pelicans offense is led by sophomore quarterback Jeremiah Dehon with a slew of receivers that made plays during the three games. Edward Wilson leads the attack out of the backfield.

“I see the attitutde,” Gibson said of his squad. “We’re making the plays that we weren’t making at this time last year. We’re a step ahead. I really like what we got from the skill positions. I feel good about it and we’re still trying to figure out and get all of those guys in the right places on the offensive side of the ball and when we do, I think we have a chance to be pretty dang good on the offensive side.”

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