PAHS softball

The Port Allen softball program participated in Autism Awareness week and raised $1,750, which will be donated to various charities.

There are many occasions where certain things are more important than sports and Port Allen softball coach Kim Cox and the softball program embraced that concept head on for a meaningful cause.

The softball program participated in World Autism Awareness Week from March 29 to April 4 and were able to raise money and awareness for Autism.

The cause is also a personal one for Cox. Her stepson, Gavin Boutte, has autism. The seventh grader threw out the first pitch at the team’s home game against Episcopal earlier this month.

‘I married his mom and when I came into his life, he was four or five years old,” Cox recalled. It has its quirks, but it has great rewards. For him to be able to throw the first pitch at the game was great for him.”

The program raised $1,750 through a couple of bake sales and a couple other small fundraisers. In addition to helping kids at Port Allen, the rest of the money will be donated to charities.

“We wanted to shed light on it and how it affects families,” Cox said. We wanted to help bring awareness and get people to talk about it and learn about it. “They (team) took pride in raising the money.’

Cox thanked the school for its willingness to be a part of the cause.

‘It was great to see the school get behind a cause,” she said. “Because without them, we wouldn’t have been able to raise the amount of money we did.”

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