Pelicans Baseball at City Hall

Pelicans Baseball team members and coaches present Mayor Richard Lee and the City of Port Allen with an appreciation plaque for support in 2019 and 2020. 

The Pelicans baseball program, which has served as a feeder program for Port Allen High baseball, completed its third season of existence and also provided a less expensive experience for the players with the help of the city of Port Allen.

The city granted money to the program to purchase uniforms for the Pelican baseball players that was initially earmarked for the West Side Bulldogs this past season, but became vacant once the Bulldogs did not have a season.

For that gesture, the Pelicans baseball program presented a plaque of appreciation to the city last week.

“We were able to get uniforms for all the kids from Don’s Sportsman,” said Doyle Magee, founder and coach of the middle school baseball program. “We were able to get all the uniforms free of charge. The goal is to make baseball affordable for all.”

The feeder program’s presence has helped to improve not only interest in baseball at a younger age, but also the pipeline for Port Allen High baseball.

Before the 2020 season ended because of COVID-19, the Pelicans baseball program had their best start in a handful of years at 7-2.

“The talent that the high school has went through our program and coach (Brian) Bass has done a great job with those guys,” Magee said.

Magee said the next step in growth is to try and build a feeder program for softball, which he is currently working on.

“The interest is there,” he said. “We have a rec ball system in Erwinville with softball. I want it to be successful.”

Magee said a middle school age softball program could give girls another option and help build more interest in the sport before they reach high school.

He used his son, Logan as an example for how important the baseball program has been.

“My son didn’t have the learning curve I had going into high school because he and his teammates had been together for three years,” Magee said. “If we could get that for the girls, that would be great.”

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