Jamboree preview

Port Allen head football coach Don Gibson talks to his team after last year's  scrimmage win over Loranger. Port Allen is set to travel to take on Parkview at 6 p.m. Friday in scrimmage action.

COVID-19 is to blame for the cancelation of another high school football game. This game hits close to home for prep football fans in West Baton Rouge Parish.

The recent victim is the Port Allen High football team. Two Port Allen football players tested positive for the virus on Thursday, which resulted in Friday’s district game at Capitol to be canceled.

The two players hadn’t participated in any team activities throughout the week because of injuries suffered during last week’s game, according to Port Allen Principal James Jackson.

Despite the positive tests, Jackson said after considering the cases, seeking guidance from the school nurse, conducting contact tracing and reviewing the COVID policies in place at the school, they were confident the game could be played safely.

“We sent an email to the LHSAA, Capitol and everyone else involved to notify them of the situation,” Jackson said. “We felt like we were able to play the game safely. Capitol hit us back and told us that their players’ parents had a hard time letting the kids even have a season. They knew once they told their parents, the game wouldn’t be able to be played so they respectfully decided not to play and we respect that.”

Students are tested for the virus if they report close contact with someone who has tested positive or if they show symptoms, according to Jackson.

Thursday’s two positive tests make it a total of three covid cases at Port Allen this week. The school has had a total of six positive cases since school began.

The three positive cases out of 315 total students at the school is a mark of less than one percent.

Jackson said no faculty members are out because of the virus and that there should still be a strong commitment to wearing face coverings, socially distancing and following all of the protocols that have been in place since school began.

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